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Doggy Keep Walking

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

I was walking my doggy today and heard someone say,

"doggy, doggy, doggy"

It was dark.

I'm not sure if it was directed at my doggy, but he kept on walking.

He takes many names:

doggy, Muggsy, Muggdoo, doodoo, babyboo, booboo, etc, etc.

People call him a good doggy or a bad doggy.

People also call him cute or ugly.

He doesn't care.

Good or bad.

He doesn't give it the time of the day.

He keeps on walking, as he knows these names don't define him.

He carries on, as he knows whatever people call him doesn't matter to him.

He moves forward, because wherever he wants to go is much more important than whatever opinion others have of him. He doesn't care to stop and respond to them.

How many times do we stop to give attention (not only in action but also in thought) to others that call us names, or have an opinion about us?

Don't let them get in the way of you moving forward.

You have a clear destination. You have a clear goal.

Keep that and only that in mind.

And just keep walking.

And just keep walking.


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