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Don't try to be anything (we're all the same)

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

It may sound like a discouragement from accomplishing anything.

Well, it's not.

It's an encouragement to kill your ego.

It's an encouragement to be humble.

It's an encouragement to accept everyone for who they are,

Including yourself.

Especially yourself.

This was said by someone who lives a very simple life. Although,

This person raised 20,000+ just last year to help build schools in Nepal.

She is a yogi.

She is a daughter of God.

She is an angel.

She is an entrepreneur.

She is the nicest person I know.

She is my mom.

She knows me.

She knows that I'm a hard worker.

She knows that I can be too focused on work that

I forget about everything else.

I'm always working.

I'm always trying to do something.

I'm always trying to get somewhere.

I'm trying to be something.

Knowing my tendencies,

Knowing my nature,

Her words came from the place of love.

Her simple words teach me lessons that I need.

These words are telling me to take a rest.

These words are telling me to allow myself a chance to sleep and recover.

These words are telling me to prioritize taking care of myself, before work.

So that a place for

Creativity and productivity can be created.

So that a room for

Wisdom and Inspiration can be opened up.

We don't need to BE anything in order

to be loved, or

to be respected.

By trying to be something,

are you telling yourself you are not good enough today?

By trying to be something,

are you telling others they only as important as what they've achieved?

We must realize that no matter how much

We achieve,

We are loved, and

We are no more than, or less than, what

We are today or tomorrow.

We deserve to be loved,

We deserve to rest and sleep,

We deserve a little break,

We deserve to be happy every single moment,


Others also deserve to be loved, in any shape or form,

Others also deserve to be respected, whatever they may be in this life,

Others also deserve to rest their heads and be protected,

Others also deserve to be happy, every single moment.


Don't try to be anything.

Don't compare being something and not being something.

Don't let that distinguish you from others.


Love and respect others,

Love and respect yourself,

Love and respect life,

Love and respect everyone and everything alive.

We are all the same.


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