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Don't wait. Live and Be.

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

"People wait

all week for Friday

all year for Summer

all life for Happiness"

Why are we so obsessed with accomplishments and reaching milestones?

Why do we say

I can't wait till I graduate

I can't wait till I get promoted

I can't wait till I get married

I can't wait till I'm finally a doctor

I can't wait till I'm finally out of this place

I can't wait till I go on next vacation

I can't wait till I see you

I can't wait till you're gone

I can't wait till tomorrow

I can't wait till it's all over...

Why are we trying to get there quicker, when the final destination is death?

Why don't we have the patience to just "be" in the process?

Are we alive only when we are at these milestones that we wait days and years for?

Isn't getting closer to certain points in the future in our lives also getting us closer to the final point in our human existence... death?

If we wish to reach death slower, wouldn't it make more sense if we wished our promotion or vacation days didn't arrive sooner?

Why do we fear death while we don't enjoy every single second of living?

In the end, we're all headed to the same destination,

taking different routes.

In the end, we'll be gone and nothing matters.

When we reach the final destination,

It would be nice to know we had done our small parts to make positive impacts in the world that we're leaving behind.

It would be nice to know we had lived more happier days than days we waited miserably for the happier days to come.

Maybe we will reach 20 or 30 milestones in our lives.

Is your life worth only 20 or 30 happy days?

I think it's worth 365 days of happiness a year, every year.

Pain, sadness, happiness, joy... good days and bad days...

They are all part of your life. Feel it. Accept it. Live it.


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