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Eat your Veggies. But don't go on a Diet

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Fruits and vegetables - they are not only so vibrant in colors but also filled with vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients that you need!

It's no secret that eating more fruits and vegetables (and drinking more water) is a great way to be healthier. Eating more fruits and veggies should not be a "diet" - you should not be "on a diet" in order to consume more of these beautiful gifts from nature and less of junk. It should be about the choices that you make every single day, coming from your desire to nourish your body with the best, because you deserve the best. All these little choices that we make form habits and those habits make you who you are.

Eating fruits and veggies is not a diet. It's a lifestyle!

Healthy food choices is not temporary for weight loss. It's an on-going process. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed - you examine how you feel about your choice, then hopefully next time, you make a better choice for yourself, and hopefully also for others around you and everyone involved in the process.


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