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On decision making - Is it really the “right” decision for me? (Ego vs. Soul - Fear vs. Love)

It is the time of the Libras; extraverted, harmonious, intelligent, elegant and friendly people, also known to be very indecisive. When I see the characteristics descriptions of a Libra, I feel like they are literally describing me! (Well, I AM a Libra).

I do have a difficult time making decisions sometimes. I tried many different strategies in the past. Sometimes they worked. Sometimes they were disastrous. Sometimes I don’t know for the longest time if I have made the “right” decision, which can have me suffer with uncertainty.

Wouldn’t we just love it if someone handed us the “right” answer?

Well, we have many tools that live on our screens these days. In the past we had the famous Magic-8-Ball. But none of these would be able to tell us what is “right” and “true” for us.

For me, one of the biggest factors that would inform me if the decision is right and true for me is if I had made the decision for my soul and not for my ego.

Ego is concerned with things of the flesh and earth. Ego is afraid. It is afraid to not be loved, to not be of importance, to not have enough to survive, to not have more, to not be enough. It endlessly operates on fear. On the flip side, your soul knows what’s real beyond the physical world. Your soul operates with love and guides us to the truth.

With your options in the midst of decision making, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would my soul thrive on?

  • Does this decision bring growth to my soul?

  • Does this option enrich my soul?

  • Do I feel at peace with this decision?

Ego speaks loud into our minds and uses logic to make its case attractive.

Soul speaks through our heart and it can be the faintest of the sounds. It is gentle. Without force, it speaks with love. It speaks the truth.

But be careful; because it speaks so gently without manipulation, you might just mis-hear it, or hear what your ego wants and convince yourself that it is the voice of your heart.

With that in mind, ask yourself:

  • Am I making this decision out of love or fear?

  • If my decision is fear-based, what are the fears? What would it look like if I made my decision solely out of love?

Here you go, folks. Another reason why knowing yourself is so important in your life.

Fear-based decision making is another blinder that ego puts on us so that we don’t see our true selves and our heart’s true content. It keeps us distant from our Dharma (our life’s true purpose, our destined path).

It puts another brick wall between where you are and where your soul knows you are supposed to be. Your truth.

Worried about past decisions?

My best effort in giving you advice on this would be the following:

Move on. Set the intention that from now on you will be more conscious of how you make your decisions in every moment. That’s all that matters. The only way to go is forward. Not reside in or relive your past. At the end of the day, the past decisions (whether good or bad) made you who you are today. It brought you here. With your unique experiences, lessons and growth that came from it.

Still can’t make decisions?

Then let the answers come to you.

Write down on a piece of paper what questions you are struggling to find answers to. Sleep on it, forget about it, live your life. Let the answers come to you.

When you put the wish out there to receive an answer with good intentions, it will come to you.

There is a big difference between avoiding making decisions, and letting the answers come to you with the best of your intentions for the best of the outcomes for your soul and others around you.

I hope this was helpful in helping you feel less overwhelmed with some decisions you are facing at this time in your life. I hope this brings you some clarity and answers that are true to you.

And remember, inaction is sometimes the best action: silence sometimes speaks louder than noise.

With love,


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