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Self-study to Self-mastery (Journey to get to know yourself and be the master of your own life)

Who are you?

How would you answer that?

Did you answer that you are an artist, an engineer, or a teacher?

Did you answer that you are a father, a sister, a friend, or a partner?

Was your answer more quality based, such as: an empathetic person, a high achiever, or a hard worker?

Or did you simply answer that you are… a human being?

It is a very broad question, to which you might answer with what you do, with your position in the world in relation to others, or with qualities you possess. Your answers can tell you something about yourself. Your culture can influence the way you position, see and think about yourself. Depending on your background, you may be inclined to interpret this question differently, which will then result in your answers being very different from how the next person might answer it.

Psychologist Dacher Keltner mentions in an episode of podcast Hidden Brain (Happiness 2.0: The Reset Button) that after experiencing an awe feeling, you are more likely to look at yourself in a broader term; for example, a “human”, instead of “a writer”. Your sense of the group that you belong to broadens.

Whatever your answers are, it would still describe the same person: YOU.

Do you know that person well? How deeply do you know You?

We go on dates, schedule time to hang out with friends, so that we can get to know them deeper and enjoy the time with them.

Likewise, in order to get to know us, we should spend some time with ourselves; preferably some quality time, some one-on-one time.

How often do you actively schedule some time in your day/week/month to hang out with yourself? How much of that time is quality time spent with yourself?

I want to talk to you about self-knowledge today.

What makes it so important for you to get to know yourself?

Self-knowledge is the path to self-mastery. You can only maneuver something that you are familiar with and know very well. The more and the deeper you know something, the better you have control over it to master it.

You probably have heard someone say, “don’t let your emotions control you”.

When you are controlled by your emotions, you don’t have control over yourself. Not having control over yourself means, not having control over how you feel, think, act and react: your emotions, your thoughts, your behaviour and your reactions to situations and life in general.

On the other hand, when you master yourself, it means to master your emotions, thoughts, actions and reactions. Basically how you operate your world. When you master the operation of your world, you are the master of yourself.

That is to say, when you master yourself, you master the world (well, your world).

And you have the power to do that, by mastering your own mind; first knowing yourself by studying yourself. Self study is key to self mastery.

Journey to self-knowledge is through self-study, obviously if you want more knowledge on something, you study it.

Here are some ways to do that with ourselves, so that you can get to know yourself much better, even if you were not sure how to spend more quality time with yourself:

  • Journaling and/or reflecting

  • Therapy

  • Coaching

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Being in nature by yourself

  • Hobbies that get you into the "flow" state

This list is not exhaustive. Basically add to the list any activity that helps you be present, so that you can get into the space of calm and stillness. In that space, you are able to channel your energy into self-knowledge.

If you find that space where you are neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed, where you are just able to “be”, you no longer have to waste your precious energy in finding equilibrium. In that space of equilibrium, you can direct your energy to gain more insight, access your intuition and even clairvoyance.

That is because your energy is able to be focused on higher manifestation, instead of on solving problems (when overwhelmed) or getting rid of boredom (when underwhelmed).

“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung

It can be uncomfortable. I get that.

But remember, even if it is uncomfortable, it is something that will lead to enriching your soul.

How you think about yourself when you are alone can say a lot about your relationship to yourself and your comfort level to self-study.

Although it may be difficult, I hope you find it rewarding and truly enjoy your own company!

What are some self-study activities that are super helpful and fun for you?

What are some activities in your life that help you be present?

What else would you like to add to your list?

I would love to hear from you.

With love,


PS. you are always welcome to check out our Self-Mastery course using Yoga Philosophy


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