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Habit Master / Win Tracker

There is one specifically for 2024 with all the dates for the year already filled out for you.

You can also download a general one for any year.

Coaching Note

...For coaches :P

This format of note taking during coaching sessions has worked for me very well. It will give you more confidence and help you remember points important for your clients. Print out a few for easy use.

Closeup of pen and notepad
Kid Standing on Bench

Know Me Better Journal

Here is a simple and thought-provoking worksheet to help you get to know yourself better, and learn how to support yourself when you need.

Read here a related blogpost, where I talk about how to use this journal for self-support.

Get Better at Prioritizing

Here are the worksheets to help you prioritize better and see for yourself what is the most important for you to focus on this year, this week, or today.

Remember: if everything is a priority, then nothing is!

Priority worksheet.png
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