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Sharpened Color Pencils

Open Topic Coaching

Use-as-you-like 8 session package


1:1 online coaching via Zoom

Number of sessions:

8 sessions of 45 minutes each.

To be used within 6 months.


Book whenever you need support.


You can start at any time.

Let's Talk

Request a 30-min complementary call

Does it sound like you?

If you can related to one of the following, this package is for you!

  • I have a few topics I want to discuss, and I don't want to be confined to one specific issue.

  • Different problems and topics arise at work and in life, and I would like support in variety of things.

  • I want the freedom to choose when I get support, and how often.

About the Package

This is for:

Highly motivated individuals who want to break their patterns, get clarity, see blind-spots, and get perspective in order to excel in various areas of their lives.

How does it work?

You have 8 (eight) sessions of 45 minutes to be used any time/day you want.

You can use these sessions to discuss whatever topic you want coaching support.

Benefits of this method:

  • You will be able to discuss whatever is the most important/present to you, when they happen, without having to wait till our weekly/bi-weekly cadence.

  • You will feel that you are truly in the driver's seat in this coaching engagement.


Session 0 (Week 0)

Session 1 - 8

Complimentary session (free of charge).

We get to get to know each other. Q&A.

Each session will be focused on the topic that you brought to the session. Topics can be completely different each session, you are in the driver's seat. Leave each session with action items.

Your Investment

Usually, each single session is $75.

With this package, you have 8 use-as-you-like sessions for $345 USD (that is $43 a session).​

There's more!

Upon completion, you will enjoy 15% discount on other coaching programs and one-off single coaching sessions, for the following year.

I don't know until when this price will last, but this is the deal for now :)

Let's get in touch

Click here to learn more about coaching, my approach, my story, and what my past clients say about me.

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Request a 30-min complementary call

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What clients say about my service

"In a span of three months, I managed to grow from a toxic relationship, find stability in my dream job and build better relationships around me. Your coaching sessions have ultimately pushed me to become the version of myself that I always dreamed of, and have you to thank."


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