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Sharpened Color Pencils

Career-Value Alignment Coaching

3 months program


1:1 online coaching via Zoom

Number of sessions:

7 sessions (+1 bonus session) of 1 hour each
(45 min conversations + 15 min writing/reflection)


Option 1: Jan - Mar

Option 2: Apr - Jun

Option 3: Sep - Nov

Request a 30-min complementary call

Let's Talk

Does it sound like you?

If you can related to one of the following, this program is for you!

  • I do not love my job, but I want to! I want my job to be meaningful. Where do I start?

  • I know what adjustment needs to be made for me to be happy at work. I just need some support in making it a reality.

  • I'm having a hard time at work. I want to figure out what needs to change and take action.

About the Program

This is for: High achieving, ambitious professionals who want their work to be meaningful, fulfilling, and want to align it with their values & purpose - whether you know what needs to be done and want support with accountability, or have no idea and want to start from working on exploring what work alignment means to you.

My approach is: If you work best with encouragement, acceptance, support, and kindness, we would probably be a good match to work together. Coaching is a space for you to focus on yourself and come up with your own solutions and steps to move forward. You are the expert of your life, decisions, options, and solutions, while I will support you as the process expert, offering you a great amount of agency for you to decide how you want the session to go.

The 5 R's: We will work on the 4 R's together for your personal and professional growth while feeling fulfilled through your work:

  • Reevaluate truthfully your current situation at work

  • Relationships with your work, co-workers, and yourself at work

  • Responsibilities: shifting, dropping, adding of responsibilities and how to communicate the changes

  • Results you want 

  • Right decisions for you to move forward in the desired direction


Session 0 (Week 0)

Session 1 (Week 1)

Session 2 (Week 2)

Session 3 (Week 3)

Session 4 (Week 5)

Session 5 (Week 7)

Session 6 (Week 9)

Session 7 (Week 11 or 12)

Session 8 (within 6 months)

Complimentary session (free of charge).

We get to get to know each other. Q&A.

Discovery session. 

Talk about your over-arching goal and some smaller goals you want to achieve at the end of the 3 months.

Making the right decisions.

Exploring importance of achieving your goals, and first steps toward them. Aligning your behaviours to your visions.

Responsibilities: Work & Life Balance.

Relationships: Emotions and Communications at work


How you spend your time. Aligning your time to goal achievement driven by your values.

Steps forward after coaching is done.

Get really clear on how you will spend the next 3-6 months that will ensure you are moving towards your goals.

Bonus: a catch-up session to check-in with your coach. You can use this session any time in the next 6 months following your last session. 

Your Investment

This is a new program I am launching starting 2024.

The first few who starts in the beginning months of the year will get a big discount $245 USD.
(that is about $30 a session and this deal will not come back).​

There's more!

Upon completion, you will enjoy 15% discount on other coaching programs and one-off single coaching sessions, for the following year.


Let's get in touch

Click here to learn more about coaching, my approach, my story, and what my past clients say about me.

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Request a 30-min complementary call

What clients say about my service

"In a span of three months, I managed to grow from a toxic relationship, find stability in my dream job and build better relationships around me. Your coaching sessions have ultimately pushed me to become the version of myself that I always dreamed of, and have you to thank."


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